Small Business PC DR / OS



Morford Consulting Contracting - mc2 - provides Disaster Recovery support and off-site vault storage for Small Businesses in Indianapolis, Indiana...
If an unfortunate disaster happens at your Small Business office - are you prepared?
Are you backing up the correct files...?
Have you tried testing the back-ups by performing a recovery test...?
Do you keep at least two copies of the back-ups...?
Why at least two copies...?  One back-up should be kept onsite for immediate PC/Server/file recovery - while the second back-up is off-site in case the onsite back-up is corrupted, or even worse - a complete office disaster.
We can help you with all three of the above task:
  1. Backing up the correct files - needed to restore for any PC/Server/file failure or site disaster.
  2. Perform partial or full recovery test.
  3. Provide off-site vault storage and recovery.
For more information on how  mccan help you with your DR and off site storage needs:

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