Small Business PC DR / OS



Morford Consulting Contracting -  mc2 - provides the following mainframe computer services in your office, or from our office in Indianapolis, Indiana... 

1)  Endevor Installations and upgrades.

2)  Conversions to Endevor from ChangeMan, Librarian, and Panvalet.

3)  Conversions to ChangeMan from Endevor.

4)  Endevor Processors for both DB2 and IDMS data bases.

5)  Endevor External Security Interface (ESI).

6)  Endevor Packages and related approval groups.

7)  Endevor Package Shipment

8)  Training for Endevor, Quick Edit, and Parallel Development Manager (PDM).

9)  General Endevor daily support and problem resolution.

Rates will vary depending on the responsibilities, location, and  length of contract.   Is  your  company  thinking  about  shipping  Endevor work overseas to  India     to help reduce the budget...  then consider sending it to Indiana  instead.  Services provided from the Indianapolis office will be given a reduced rate... hence, saving your company money!  For more information on how  mccan help you with your Endevor needs:

call toll free 1-877-888-0170, x101...

or email .